Polar and Nonpolar Bonds

Polar and Nonpolar Bonds

Atoms in a molecule or compound are held together by electrostatic forces. These electrostatic forces are called chemical bonds. Bonding Forces The forces that bond the atoms can be of two types: Intermolecular forces Intramolecular … Read more

Concrete vs Mortar vs Grout

Grout vs. Mortar vs. Concrete

Concrete, mortar, and grout are terms often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. While concrete is strong, mortar and grout are not. Let’s find out what else distinguishes these three from each other. … Read more

Pouring concrete over concrete

Can You Pour Concrete Over Concrete?

Concrete slabs sometimes require refurbishment or replacement. Replacing a slab is costly and time-consuming, making it undesirable. Luckily, new concrete can be poured over old concrete, given the right circumstances. Why Pour Concrete Over Existing … Read more

What is rebar made of?

What is Rebar Made Of?

What are the different types of rebar and what material is used for making reinforcing bars. Learn all about the rebar materials and their properties here.

A Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor

All about reciprocating piston compressors and their uses. Learn how these compressors work, different parts of the unit, and their pros and cons.

Can I cut tempered glass

Can You Cut Tempered Glass?

Is there anyway to cut tempered glass? What happens when you grind or cut tempered glass with diamond? Find out the best way cut tempered glasses.



Complete guide to metal quenching process in heat treatment. Find out how and why quenching is done during hardening and the different mediums used.

Steel Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Complete guide to different metal heat treatment processes and their benefits. See why you should heat treat steel and the methods of heat treatment.

Metals That Oxidize

Metals That Oxidize

Do you know which is the easiest metal to oxidize? All about metal oxidization and corrosion and ways to prevent it and list of metals that oxidize.

concrete vibrator

Concrete Vibrator

All about concrete vibrators. This guide explains about different types of concrete vibrating tools, machines, and motors, and the purpose of this tool.

Shotcrete Spraying


All about shotcrete, how it is made, and the uses of it. Learn how is shotcrete different from concrete and when to go for shotcrete walls.

Different types of engineering

Types of Engineering

List of different engineering disciplines and what they do. See what are the most popular engineering fields and how these technologies improve our life.